PI for position control?

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Dear sir,I am a process Antena position control , so I have design PI controller. Please, Is there a IC ( Integrated circuit ) to achive PI controller or I must build these by using OP-AMP ? If yes, what this IC ? If no, how can I select parameter of PI controller? thank you very much am_yazied@hotmail.com

-- Ahmed Abou Elyazied (am_yazied@hotmail.com), January 24, 2003



-- rtuyr (78t@drty.com), June 04, 2004.

Dear Ahemad Well,I think you can use PIC series ICs .For details you can read the Book-Microcontroller based temperature controller by Dogan. He has described temperature control process using position algorithm.You can also use 89C51or 52 microcontroller.The crucial part is programming.But u can do it in 'C'& then directly burn it into the microcontroller by suitable means.

-- Sandeep Chaudhari (smchaudhari_elec@aicoep.org), August 17, 2004.

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