"Rolled Bulk Film (Slides) for Sale"

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Rolled (Slides) bulk film for sale in recycled film cartridges. These cartridges are to be used only once, so once you send them to the lab, there is no need for follow-up with the lab for their returns. They all carefully labeled with the film type, e.g. RVP/RDP/RHP with the expiry date and others, similar to the normal individual cartridges that we buy off the shelf. On an average the expiry dates are at about 14-18 months or more from date.

Prices ------ Fuji Velvia (ASA50) S$7.50/roll (1-4 rolls) S$7.20/roll (5 rolls and above)

Fuji Provia 100 S$6.00/roll (1-4 rolls) S$5.80/roll (5 rolls and above)

Fuji Provia 400 (price change due to new cost from Fuji) S$8.80/roll (1-4 rolls) S$8.50/roll (5 rolls and above)

Interested, please contact : Simone/Dagger SMS/Call at 98385414 (almost immediate response) e-mail at (moderate response rate) posting (moderate response)

-- simonelynn (simonelynn@yahoo.com), January 23, 2003

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