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hi my name is ashley, im 17, and i think i want to become a doula. i just wanted to know how to become a doula, where to become a doula, how much money i would make annually, and how many girls my age normally want to become a doula. nobody my age knows what a doula is and i just want to know if its normal for me to want to be one. thanks for your time and i hope someone can help me. ~~ash

-- Ashley Wagner (anwrootbeer02@yahoo.com), January 14, 2003


You might want to check with some of the certifying organizations for doulas (DONA or CAPPA). It might be a good idea to do some reading about childbirth and doulas and to do some research on the internet. It is also a good idea to take a training workshop. Again, you can find out about the workshops on DONA or CAPPA's websites.

I am just starting out, but most doulas that I have spoken with don't make LOTS of money. The rates vary depending on what area you live in. Where I am, most charge between $300 - $500 per birth (that includes prenatal visits, the labor, and a postpartum visit).

You might think about trying to volunteer with an organization that works with pregnant teens to get some experience. You can also check with local hospitals and see if there are any doula programs there.

As for being "normal" - I'm 35 and some people don't think it's normal for me to want to be a doula, either!!

Good Luck!

-- Amy Cunningham (acunningham01@earthlink.net), January 17, 2003.

First of all, I am 19 and I am a doula! I began training when I was 18. I decided to become a doula because I thought it would be a good prerequisite for midwifery school. The doula class that I took was made up of 10 girls between the ages of 18 and early 20's. So, it really is not all that weird for you to want to be a doula. I have aslo had to explain what a doula is, even to people twice my age. So, soon everyone will know what a doula is!

Here is my advice. Go for it! You seem normal enough to me, either that or I'm not normal either! :)

-- Kippany Garriga (kippany@characterlink.net), June 10, 2003.

Hey good for you wanting to start out now...I never even knew I could at your age...I will be 25 on the 10th of July and have started my doula training through cappa. :) Many blessings and I know you will be a great doula! Chelita

-- Chelita Lundell (Clundell111@cs.com), June 27, 2003.

I am 22 and I thought that I was a bit young to become a doula. I haven't started any certification just yet. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter (who I had in a hospital, drug free) and a 6 month old son who I had a WONDERFUL homebirth with, so I am quite limited on study time right now. But I DEFINATELY want to become a doula in the near future. I've already begun my reading (the books that I didn't already read when I was pregnant. LOL). My husband is really supportive of me and so is my mother (she gave birth to both myself and my brother at home too, over 20 years ago). So, I am VERY glad to see that I am not the only "young" person who wants to be a doula. I just fear that any potential clients may not take me seriously simply because of my age even though I've been through birth twice myself and am very knowledgable when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth. I also want to eventually become a certified nurse midwife and work for the practice that I had my homebirth through.....being a doula is a wonderful stepping stone to that goal....Are there any "young" doulas out there who have a hard time finding clients due to your age?

-- Bethany R. (metalgurl27@aol.com), August 06, 2003.

Darling!!! I see nothing at all weird about a woman wanting to assist in our most natural and wonderful of functions on this planet - having babies. At the age of 6 I knew I wanted to deliver babies. I decided I wanted to be a "baby docter" better known as an OB. I had no idea about midwifery then. I am now 23 and have just recetnly learned about DOULAs. I am taking a course next month. I think this is a great starting point for me to become a midwife, and so I think its a wonderul blessing that you have found a path of interest at this early age. If I had known then what I know now, I might be finished all my education by now. Does it make a 17 year old weird or abnormal to want to be a firefighter or a lawyer, or a doctor. I think its all relative. I am sure you will be wonderful when you gain the confidence to know your chosen path is right for you. Any questions,.. feel free to write me and I will let you know where I am standing. Keep up your good work!!

-- Erin Black (FreakAppeal@hotmail.com), September 22, 2003.

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