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With DVD technology and a DVD recorder in the family I finally thought I could have my favorite shows "taped" in Germany and watcher here. So far no success. I got a DVD player that knows how to do -ntsc and PAL and switched it to region 2. Still no luck. Any suggestions as to what to try? What other information do I need?

-- Uli (, January 12, 2003


This is not a good forum to ask this question to. This is a VCD forum. You might have better luck at Also, you need to give a lot more information about the situation. It could be that your DVD player does not like your media. What kind of media are you playing? DVD-RW and DVD+RW don't work in a lot of players. Some players have problems with DVD-R and DVD+R. I doubt it's a region issue as many DVD burning programs won't let you set regions in what you burn. If you post to the forum on network54, make sure you tell what model DVD player you have as that's important to know. You might want to look at the DVD player compatibility list at and see what people report for your player and the media the DVD is on.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 13, 2003.

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