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I have 4 programs which say that they can make VCD's but wheni make them the DVD player says that it can't read teh disk! I have TMPGEnc, VCDEasy, and Ulead DVD Movie Maker. All of these aren't working. I even tried NERO and that still didn't work! I know that my DVD player is CD-R and CD-RW compatible but it is still not working!! CAN anyone help me? Thanks! Ryan

-- Ryan Moore (, January 07, 2003


It might have been helpful if you had told us what DVD player you have, but nevertheless, check the DVD Player Compatibility List at and see what it says about your player. It's possible that your player doesn't like your media. It's also possible that you're wrong about it supporting CD-R/W discs. Finally, there are some DVD players that don't support VCD at all. Toshiba made a few of those. There are other models as well that don't support VCD on any media, not even commercial discs.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 08, 2003.

I had same problem until I encoded SVCD intead of vcd and bingo worked for my dvd player! go figure ;)

-- victorya wilde (, January 08, 2003.

You seem positive about your player being capable of reading cdr(w). Did you try an audio cdr in it? If that works then is your player only capable of playing standard vcds in which case are you keeping to the standard or are you making non-standard vcds like Nero allows you to.

-- Chad Ser (, January 08, 2003.

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-- yasardagci (, January 11, 2003.

I'm having a similar experience. It seems that there are two VCD 2.0 specs with different CDI directory files. One is standard and the other one, a Philips spec. I've just downloaded their Video CD 2.0 toolkit from "" to see if this will make a compliant VCD.

-- wayne jagger (, January 19, 2003.

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