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Please copy and paste this message to other people so the truth about Lies in the School Textbooks can be read by lots more people. The more people that read this the better because so many people are brainwashed. Also if enough people complain to the school about what they are being taught, then your school (like some already) will remove most of the lies from the textbooks!

Lies in the School Textbooks

*A lot of people are led to believe that the universe is 20 billion years old, and the earth is 4.6 billion years old. This is not true. A lot of observations have been made by scientists who prove the universe and earth is 6-10,000 years old.

*The earth is slowing down 1/1000 of a second each year. At that rate, 1 billion years ago the earth would have been spinning so fast that it would have flattened like a pancake because of the centrifugal force.

*As the earthís rotation is slowing down, the moon is gradually receding from earth about 2 inches a year. At that rate, 1 million years ago the moon would have been so close to the earth that it would have fallen into our planet because of the gravitational pull. Also the moon would have been so close that the tides on earth would have been much higher, and would have eroded away the continents and destroyed life.

*The sun is shrinking about 5 feet per hour. At that rate, 20 million years ago the sun would have been so big that life could not exist. Even if the sun hasnít been shrinking at that same rate, it could not have been burning all those millions of years without shrinking.

*The sunís radiation "pushes" space dust less than 1/100,000 of a centimeter in diameter out of the solar system. At that rate, all the space dust should have been blown out of the solar system if it were billions of years old as evolutionists say. However, satellites find tons of space dust in the solar system proving its age of way less than billions of years old.

*Each time a comet orbits the sun, a small part of its mass is boiled off. At the current rate comets are disintigrating from the sun, all the comets in the solar system should have fully disintegrated in about 10,000 years. However, there are still many comets orbiting the sun, proving the solar system is less than 10,000 years old.

*The gravitational fields of the sun and stars pull space dust near them. This is known as the Pointing Robertson Effect. The sun is estimated to pull in about 100,000 tons of space dust a day. If the sun is billions of years old like the evolutionists say, it should have "pulled in" all the space dust in the solar system. But the solar system is full of space dust, proving the sun is not billions of years old.

*Written records of history only go back 6-7,000 years ago, which is what the Bible teaches. Evolutionists say that humans have been around for 1 million years, but there are no written records of the events that happened. To say people have been around for 1 million years is a belief. The current population is about 6 billion people. 6 billion people could have easily been formed about 4,500 years ago, which is the time Noahís Flood ended. If people have been around 1 million years and had the same growth rate, there would have be over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people alive today.

*The Bible says Noahís Flood happen about 4,500 years ago. If thatís true, then the oldest living tree should be about that same age and it is. The oldest living tree is about 4,400 years old, which shows the approximate time of the end of the Flood. After the Flood it would take awhile for all the plants and trees to grow again, which explains why the oldest tree is around the same age as Noahís Flood. If the earth is 4.6 billion years old, then there should be an older tree.

*Evolutionists say stars are billions of light years away, which proves the stars are billions of years old. But if stars were billions of light years away, there would be no way to measure that distance accurately. The farthest accurate distance people can measure stars is about 20 light years, not several billion light years like the evolutionists say. Stars are measured using parallax trigonometry. By choosing two measurable observation points and making an imaginary triangle to a third point, you are able to measure the third point.

*Evolutionists say carbon dating proves the age of the earth is 4.6 billion years old. Anybody who understands how carbon-dating works will admit there are assumptions involved. Evolutionists assume the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere has always been constant, and its rate of decay has been constant. Neither of these assumptions is provable or reasonable.

*If the earth is only 6-10,000 years old, then when did the dinosaurs live? Itís a fact that dinosaurs have always lived with people. Dinosaurs are mentioned all through history including the Bible in Job 41, and other ancient records from different countries. There are over 250 legends of people killing dragons. The reason there are so many dragon legends is because dinosaur wasnít a word until 1847, so before that time people called dinosaurs dragons. The city of Nerluc, France, was renamed to Parasque in honor of the dragon killed there. There are dinosaur carvings in the Grand Canyon and cave paintings in Africa. Why would people carve and paint pictures of dinosaurs if dinosaurs hadnít been around for millions of years? All these paintings and carvings of dinosaurs look exactly like what scientists are now discovering from fossils. In India, back in the 1500ís, Catholic Priests found over 5,000 stone carvings of people killing dinosaurs. Evolutionists also say the Coelacanth, which is a fin-lobed fish, became extinct 65 million years ago and lived with the dinosaurs. This is not true because hundreds of Coelacanths have been caught and discovered by people, along with other dinosaurs in the past. In Glen, Rose Texas, there are fossilized human and dinosaur tracks along side one another and overlapping each other.

*Evolutionists say humans and apes are 98% similar in DNA which proves monkeys and human have a common ancestor. Similarities donít prove anything anyway. Jellyfish are 98% water and watermelons are 97% water. That doesnít prove they are ancestors. Chimpanzees and tobacco both have 48 chromosomes. That doesnít prove they are ancestors. Plus similarities could prove their is a common designer! Maybe the same God created certain things to have similarities. *If I said 6,000 years ago God created everything evolutionists would say thatís religious. But evolutionists say 20 billion years old there was a big bang that created everything and they say thatís science. Theyíre both religious, but science and history support the Bible. Also life is too complex to arrive by chance, especially from an explosion.

20 Questions for Evolutionists (these questions show how stupid the theory of evolution is)

Students should ask their teachers (who teach evolution as a fact) some of these questions and embarrass him/her in front of all the students.

1. Where has macro-evolution ever been observed? Whatís the mechanism for getting new complexity such as new vital organs? If any of the thousands of vital organs evolved, how did the organism live before getting the vital organ, because without a vital organ, the organism is dead? If a reptiles leg evolved into a birdís wing, wouldnít it become a bad leg long before it became a good wing? How could metamorphosis evolve?

2. Do you realize how complex living things are? How could organs as complicated as the eye or the ear or the brain of even a tiny bird ever come about by chance or natural processes? How could a bacterial motor evolve?

3. Where are the billions of transitional fossils that should be there if your theory is right? Billions! Not a handful of questionable transitions. Why donít we see a reasonably smooth continuum among all living creatures, or in the fossil record, or both?

4. Textbooks show an evolutionary tree, but where is its trunk and where are its branches? For example, what are the evolutionary ancestors of the insects?

5. How could the first living cell begin? Thatís a greater miracle than for a bacteria to evolve to a man. How could that first cell reproduce? Just before life appeared, did the atmosphere have oxygen or did it not have oxygen? Whichever choice you make creates a terrible problem for evolution.

6. Please point to a strictly natural process that creates information. What evidence is there that information, such as that in DNA, could ever assemble itself? What about the 4,000 books of coded information that are in a tiny part of each of your 100 trillion cells? If astronomers received an intelligent signal from some distant galaxy, most people would conclude that it came from an intelligent source. Why then doesnít the vast information sequence in the DNA molecule of just a bacteria also imply an intelligent source?

7. Which came first, DNA or the proteins needed by DNA, which can only be produced by DNA?

8. How could sexual reproduction evolve? How could immune systems evolve?

9. If it takes intelligence to make an arrowhead, why doesnít it take vastly more intelligence to create a human? Do you really believe that hydrogen will turn into people if you wait long enough?

10. If the solar system evolved, why do three planets spin backwards? Why do at least eight moons revolve backwards?

11. Can you name one reasonable hypothesis on how the moon got thereóany hypothesis that is consistent with all the data? Why arenít students told the scientific reasons for rejecting all the evolutionary theories for the moonís origin? What about the other 90+ moons in the solar system?

12. Where did matter come from? What about space, time, energy, and even the laws of physics?

13. How could stars evolve?

14. Are you aware of all the unreasonable assumptions and contrary evidence used by those who argue that the earth is billions of years old?

15. Why are living bacteria found inside rocks that you say are hundreds of millions of years old and in meteorites that you say are billions of years old? Clean-room techniques and great care were used to rule out contamination.

16. Did you know that most scientific dating techniques indicate that the earth, solar system, and universe are young?

17. If Noahís Flood never happened, then why do so many ancient cultures have flood legends similar to Genesis?

18. Have you heard about the mitochondrial Eve and the genetic Adam? Scientists know that the mitochondrial Eve was the common female ancestor of every living person, and she appears to have lived only about 6,000Ė7,000 years ago.

19. Careful researchers have found the following inside meteorites: living bacteria, salt crystals, limestone, water, sugars, and terrestrial-like brines. Doesnít this implicate Earth as their sourceóand a powerful launcher, "the fountains of the great deep?

20. If macro evolution is scientific, then why donít you debate Kent Hovind publicly and he will pay you $250,000 if you can prove macro evolution?

*For more evidence the earth is 6-10,000 years old, Noahís Flood, and evolution hoaxes, go to

*For more evidence dinosaurs have always lived with people, go to

*Email me if you have questions:

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2002

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