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I am a novice in UK and building an OO layout.

Due to limited space (as is the case so often in UK), space is at a premium. A layout without single and double slips and without crossovers is therefore very difficult to achieve.

How are these made DCC friendly? I am using Peco Finescale 75 Electrofrog.

-- Mike Sanders (mike@bvdirect.co.uk), December 21, 2002


Double slips in general are mechanically complex. IN GENERAL, even if it is theoretically possible to make the turnout DCC friendly, it may be too difficult to achieve.

I'm not familar with the Peco double slip. Perhaps that one is doable. I just can't offer you advice on it.

IN GENERAL, whenever you have a turnout that cannot be made DCC friendly for ANY reason - whether it is already installed, not possible, too difficult, whatever - putting a light bulb or an electronic circuit breaker in series with the turnout will keep from shutting down the whole booster district.

There are suppliers of electronic circuit breakers in the US (see my manufacturer's link page) and appropriate automotive tail light or brake light bulbs. I don't know about UK car lights.

For HO, you need a bulb that is 25-35W. The same bulb may work for OO. You want a bulb that is NOT on when everything is running fine. You want the bulb to come on when the train shorts. You also want the bulb to come on before your booster shuts down.

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@WiringForDCC.com), December 21, 2002.

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