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Anybody has any comment about Sigma SA-7 camera ??

-- SJ (, December 16, 2002


Yes, I have it. I bought it from Alan photo . SA-7, 28-80 mmm lens, 70-300 lens for 650 S. The bugger asked for 800$.

Still my first roll is not developed. So I will coment later.

Note I am a beginner

-- Lim Sam (, December 20, 2002.

Thanks , I see , I am more on LOMO snap shot , where I like to play 120mm film and LC-A . I will got my Sigma SA-7 early next yr. cos I feel that this cam. is cheap with quite well build feature and funtions. hope you will enjoy photo taking .

-- s.j (, December 21, 2002.

Yeh, I shot about 19 shots yesterday. Seems a good camera. Let me develop the roll and tell you.

(My wife jokes that I will get a black roll, with no photos.)

-- Lim Sam (, December 22, 2002.

Concerning Sgma sa 7 with 28-70 and 70-300 for 280$ at San francisco Ritz Photo. I owne 1 for now 1 year, I shote slide and also B&W. I'm very happy with it. So happy that I just purchase tha SA9. It have a minmum and simple function but just what you need. THIS IS NOT FOR POINT AND SHOT camera , I use auto focus but manual center metering. Some don't like this camera but I do and Sigma have a range of lens from entry to pro lens at I thing afordeble price

-- Thanh (, May 30, 2004.

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