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On the never-ending subject of NATIONAL HOME LOANS !**!**, I have written to them asking for MIG details, which they will not supply. I have now said, "sorry, but without this info I am unable to look into your claim etc., etc and Im still waiting for their response. However, prior to this I have asked them to justify why they never answered my request to sell at a slight shortfall originally. As I stated in my initial posting, I had three offers for the property which NHL would not allow us to accept. On questioning this they are saying that the three sales just fell through! This is true, but only because the buyers got fed up with us not being able to accept their offers for weeks and weeks waiting for NHL's approval for selling at a loss. THEY NEVER GAVE US THEIR APPROVAl, although an NHL employee states on the records that they should allow a sale because our Estate Agent advised them this would be the best price that could be obtained. I'm not sure if I can actually prove that they never sanctioned a sale(given that it was so long ago) and there is no information available amongst the SARN stuff stating whether a decision was ever made once we had completed a shortfall request form. Does anyone know whether this info should be there as I'm wondering if they have purposely omitted it?

-- Heather (, December 03, 2002



I would suspect NHL have taken out anything from your SARN request that could even hint at underhand dealings.

When I received my SARN from Halifax, there was an internal memo (which I think they should have removed). I'll quote it to you, some parts have been oliterated, so I will show them with ___.

To: Regulatory Risk FROM: Mortgage Recoveries DATE : 28th October 2002 (I received the SARN papers on 15th NOVEMBER 2002) SUBJECT : (Me)

Further to your telephone conversation of 10th October with my colleague ____, regarding the above numbered account. I now enclose the documents required for the DSA request.

I have separated those documents we consider should not be released to (Me).

I've written to the Halifax Data Controller, with a copy of the memo asking him/her to list and copy to me the paperwork that has not been included. I don't expect to recieve it, but then there is always the independent Information Commissioner if I need to contact her.


-- One Angry Mother (, December 03, 2002.

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