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I just learned that under the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, high schools/school systems must release information about male juniors and seniors to military recruiters or lose federal funding. If they wish, parents may request NOT to have information released about their child. But I've heard nothing about this from Grady. Did anything go out on this subject? Have parents been notified they have the option to take their children off the list going to recruiters? What are the pertinent deadlines?

Thanks in advance.

Cliff Kuhn

-- Cliff Kuhn (, December 02, 2002


Francois - well said/ditto/good luck to you, & God Be With & Semper Fi to JP!

-- Phillip Ozell (, December 08, 2002.

Cliff as you should know,the request for information is not only for males it also includes women.If you do not wish your SON's transcript to be forwarded,you should ask HIM if he's in agreement with your stance on the matter.As most people from the Grady family knows My som Jean-Paul enlisted into the Marines,not from a military recruiter who visited the school or contacted him , but he sought them out on his own.If he had been aware of choices available prior to his senior year,he may have joined one of the ROTC programs available to almost every high school in the area, including Grady.Why do you think that it's inapropriate for the military to recruit when we have Greenpeace,The ACLU,The NAACP,every credit card company,all left wing college in the nation,in and around the school soliciting our children.If you don,t think your son is interested in the armed services that's fine,But don't limit the exposure to the other students who may not be ready for college.The military has been a wonderfull experience for Jean-Paul.It is not the parents choice.If we are to give our children anything it should be the chioce to make a mature and informed decision as to THEIR future.We have hopefully guided them well towards the path which each one will chose.In these days of wide open ideas, the discipline of military has shown no adverse effect on our son,He's still the same beligerent teenager we know and love . Francois Brule

-- Francois Brule (, December 06, 2002.

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