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I've been reading these Michael Jackson discussion posts for a while now as I'm a fan of MJ the artist & performer - however, one thing has been really noticeable - Michael Jackson's fans CANNOT SPELL!! I read and contribute to many forums on many different topics and it is only in these MJ forums that people consistantly cannot spell - why is that?? Are MJ's Fans stupid and illiterate?? And by the way, Invincible was an awful album - Dangerous was his last great album. Face it people, the guy is all washed up these days and only makes headlines when he dangles babies of balcony's...

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002


actually mj has fans all over the world and he has loads in the uk too.YOU are the people that mj hates,u always diss him.leave mj alone

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2003

well im an American and i can spell to.

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2003

More than likely the reason the spelling and grammar are so bad is because most of these people do not speak English very well. Not all of his fans live in America you know. Although I do think there should be spelling and grammar utilities added to this site.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2003

Hey! I can spell! Some of us fans like to use computer talk, you know like brb,u,r,srry things like that. but there are some of us who can't spell. I'm an MJ fan and I'm not stupid!! Invinceble is a great CD! Even my mom agrees that he just got caught up in the excitement when all the fans were sreaming "Can we see your baby?!!" Hello!! What about the parents who beat their kids, kill their kids, turn their kids into their own personal slaves!!?? Just because MJ is famous he is a target, a victem of us all! Just leave him alone! A guy lived right across the street from me and he would beat his wife and kids.! He got away with it all the time too! Untill my mom called the cops and we saved his wife from getting killed by the guy! Why isn't he big news?!! He never even was on the news or in the newspaper! But Michael was.........! Oh yeah, before I go, I hope you know not everyone is a great speller... No one is perfect!

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2003

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