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Hi all,

This is Gigi and I was Paul's TA in year 2000-2001. Since this is the first time I post on the forum, I'll talk about my recent life (as update for those I know and as an introduction to those I don't know).

I am currently doing my MA thesis at York. Hopefully everything will be done next summer. My plan is to go back to Hong Kong (I am an international student) and get married. :) Before that, the most important thing is to get a job....I also hope to come back and do my Ph.D. in a few years.

Perhaps I should talk a bit about my research area... I study how children learn to read. Specifically, I examine the effect of bilingualism on early literacy. In the past two years, I worked with Dr. Bialystok on two research studies. Hopefully, I can present one of them in SRCD next April. If you want to know more about bilingualism, you can e-mail me. As a minor area, I also like statistics. Primarily, I used SAS to analyze data and am currently reading a book on Power analysis written by Jacob Cohen (1988). For the past summer, I TAed a stats course with Dr. Haltrecht. Now, I am also a TA for Dr. Green in 2020. Seems like I can never get away from the elementary stats. Including Dr. Herzberg, I have worked with 3 different profs in stats courses. THis experience provides me different insights on how to explain the same stats concepts from various perspectives.

So, I guess that's enough for my update/introduction. I really hope the TAs can keep in touch through the forum.


-- Anonymous, November 21, 2002

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