Quality of image of Olympus C730UZ

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Hi all, i am interested in buying the C730 but it seems like it tends to produce noisy images and has high tendency to produce blurred image.

Anybody here using that camera? Any comments on its image quality and the camera in general?

-- TzeYang (tzeyang97@hotmail.com), November 21, 2002



Have a look here please. I bought this camera one week ago. I used a simple Samsung SlimZoom 1150 with slide + films and an old optical scanner Olympus ES-10 before. I used a Smart-Media MA-2E_SM pcmcia-adapter to bring my pics to a german photo shop to get my photos after editing. In my opinion the Olypmus C730UZ I bought has to mutch MultiMediaShow if You switch the camera on. A sound and an olympus video is displayed at the TFT. :-( But the pictures I made are verry good. I need a little bit more training. I bought 8 AA accus with 1900mAh and a loading adapter from Vata. The camera needs a lot of power if you are playing with the TFT like me to try all funktions. ═ have never tried the xD-Card, because i have some 128MB SM cards. 2048x1536 pix resolution is the same resulution like I used with my slides i cant use secounds later.

1st Try: If I got unclear pictures it was to dark in the room and the photo needs more time without the flash. Additional I used the zoom. I need a still hand, but if I am using AUTO the camera tooks nice photos. The are more options, but I have a lot of time to try it later. :-)

It does'nt work to save some pictures from my computer to the f:\Dcim\100olymp directory of my notebook to display at the TFT of my camera. So I made a little stop motion film and saved it .. Photo - JPEG 24 Bits 320 x240 15 Bilder pro Sekunde 7667kHz 8Bits Mono Audio Ton 128MB erm÷glichen laut Kamera 375 Sekunden Filmen ( sorry in german:) It does not work to show my self made and saved MOV at the TFT of the camera.

The film - option is nice with 15 pics per secound and looks good if you use the 730 to make a film. But thats not the reason to buy this camera. The 720 Camera is a good camera, too. The Zoom of the 730 is better. A Camera to impress other people. But the camera took good photos and I will not miss my camera. I don't know how make a good picture, but I know if I see a good photo. The 730 does it. Tobias

-- Tobias Kulemann (Tobias.Kulemann@t-online.de), February 12, 2003.

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