Burning and playing vcd on win media player

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I burned a vcd using nero and burned three avi files. When played on latest media player only the first avi file played. any ideas why or how to play the other two files. thanks Robert

-- Robert A Forbes (rforbes2227@wmconnect.com), October 29, 2002


Try converting your avi files to wave files and that should solve your problem, the reason the media player only play's the first avi file is because win media player can only read one avi file at a time.

-- Dean Kinney (dkandww@nb.sympatico.ca), December 20, 2002.

Maybe someone can help me with a related question. I have two Windows- 2000 computers, with Win Media Player v. 9.00.00. installed. On one of them, my VCD plays fine; on the other computer, it hangs.

Can anyone help about how to troubleshoot?

Many thanks in advnace


-- Jack Arenberg (gh0988@hotmail.com), February 28, 2003.

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