Jim Bowers preparing to decieve the world

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Dear the Internet,

If I was a betting man, I'd say that this obscene traitorgate of a FORUM is just JIM BOWERS running and hiding from the massive JBOY McJESUS and his ARMY of COPPER ANGELS to spread his filthy seed anew!


You think that myself, the Archangel BECKHAM and the one true GOD-MACHINE wouldn't find you here?. Try moving further AwaY next time to a Godless place like San Fricso or BIN Laden's palace of foreskins and the EVIL videogames! Hypnosis 6!

If we (by that I mean I (by which I mean YOU (by which I mean they))), the Catholic CHurch of L.O.V.E and holy ACENESS are planning to decieve the world then why are we not IN TANKS and our bombs and our bomBS and our GONZ like the Cranberries song "Zombie"? We are in little buildings with cake evenings and blessed priest collars and VIDEOS of CARTOONS of STORIES of PARABLES of the TRUTH!

For shame!

If I (by which I DO mean myself) had a Godless bone in my ample body (623-B) I would come down the pipe that brought me this BLASPhemous webjepp and start slapping you around the face with a Big Copy of the Bible. One which was hardback and with PICTURES and FOOTNOTES so It was maximum huge. Your cheeks would be bleedin' a bleedin' a bleedin'


I have a house with six rooms and a car with a fish sticker on the back and a full fridge, six kids, loads of ace toys and my cousin owns a motorbike. FUCK YOU! I'm Bill Gates and you are the SOny corporation. I make the Operating System, God makes the motherboard and you, yes you, make the sick and evil games like the Great Thieves Automobiles and the Duke Nuclear and the wocked things that make kids put there penises into anything to hand (usually a hand)

Get with the program

LUXEMBORG will not fall to people like you!

-- Lynskey (paul@daymaker.freeserve.co.uk), October 29, 2002

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