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A couple of years ago (before this current nightmare), we were receiving a lot of dodgy phone calls. It's obvious to me now, but not then, that they were debt collectors or tracers, but never mind that now. The point is, I was able to stop it completely by phoning BT and ensuring that anyone with-holding their number would not be able to get through to me. It can cause some problems with doctor's surgeries and the like, so you have to remember to mention it to people like that, but it stops those threatening phone calls like a charm. It costs about 10 a quarter, but ensures that if 'they' really want to contact you, it will have to be in writing. I hope this might be of some comfort to all you fellow sufferers who have (through my finding this site) helped me to feel that I don't have to go through this alone.

Wishing you all the best success, Arabella

-- Arabella (, October 21, 2002

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