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Where's the best place to buy a Nikon F80 in Singapore? What's the best price know? I want a black one. Should I buy it now or next year? It will much cheaper after a year like those Digital Cameras? what kind of lens I should by as a beginner? Thank a lot!

-- Wayne Wei (wei_ning@163.net), October 21, 2002


If you want to get a f80 well youre in luck cos they got an offer for this camera body with a set of lets that I think would keep you occupies for the next 10 years. Set is available at southern cross (lucky plaza) with 28-200mm af zoom telephoto lens(7x zoom) cost 1488sgd, plus you get an sb-22 external flash, bag, tripod and some other good stuff. Take note tho.. the f80 has mediocre build quality and waterproofing, so ANY moisture is a no no!! Just had mine repaired for moisture(300++)from a trip to Borneo, and it wasnt even raining when i ws there!!!!! Good buy tho... its got most of what a pro needs, as long as you're not into sports photography

-- Mark H (spiggy@atozasia.com), October 26, 2002.

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