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I've heard that some Morningside/Lenox Park resident maintains a website of service people. Do you know anything about this? I need some repairs around my house and could use referrals.

-- Sharon Nardo (, October 13, 2002


Ms. Nardo, I have a friend out of town who occasionally comes to Atlanta. He stays with a friend who lives near us. Could I have him call you? my cel phone number is 404 372-0332.

Also, this morning I ran into a classmate of my daughter's, Steve Morris, who is now living in Morningside and doing small contracting. He's going to bring me his phone, etc., for some stuff I need done. I'll share his info with you. Regards, mph

-- Martha Porter Hall (, February 28, 2003.

I think you've heard about the Excel spreadsheet created by a parent in the Virginia-Highland/Morningside Parents Association (VHMPA). If you are a member of that organization, then you should have gotten an e-mail about it last week. If you aren't, then ask a friend for the spreadsheet. I'm not sure of the rules of use, so I don't feel comfortable sending it to you directly.

If you want to join the VHMPA (and you are a parent), then send an e- mail to Provide your mailing address, and the membership director will mail you an enrollment packet. The annual dues are only $10.

Good luck!

-- Deb O'Neal (, May 14, 2003.

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