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Hi. Obviously my name's Amberly, and I'm on a search for my father's side of my family and I'm trying to find my father before May (I graduate high school then and it was one of my dreams to see him there...considering I haven't had any face to face contact with him since I was little). I know he has family in NC, and I believe he's moved to PA at last time I checked. I'm not sure if he's remarried or not. I know NO ONE from my father's side. Either I was told they didn't want to talk to me (Which I find kind of rude seeing as I am their blood!), or my family doesn't want me to have contact with him (Which they know I'm trying to find him now anyway). So if anyone could help, please contact me at my email address: Thank you much!


-- Amberly Dunton (, October 06, 2002


Duntons in NC or PA

I live in Greensboro, NC, but my family comes from South Carolina. My father is William Alfred Dunton, descended from Glen Dunton, who was married to Gladys Sanders. Glen died about 20 years ago, but my father is still living in West Columbia, SC. My father married Peggy Lewis in 1952 - they had six children, of whom I am the oldest. I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but you may contact me.

-- Janet Elizabeth Dunton Oliver (, December 28, 2002.

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