Hi Guys!!

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Hi Guys!!!

Well, it's really been nice getting to read about what everyone's been up to! I hope everything is going good for everyone. Congratulations Dima!!!! (And Helen is absolutely right; Tala is such a beautiful name).

As for me, I am here at McGill doing my masters in neuropharmacology in the “chronic pain” field (I am practically the only psych student in the place, so these first few months have really been an experience). I am working on the autonomic NS & doing some stuff with some dentists on the mental nerve.

To be honest (sorry Megan) the “animal thing” has been a little traumatic (a lot) but I am slowly getting used to it (they really, really respect the animals here and all care is taken to ensure…). Otherwise it has been quite fun and I am getting to do a lot of neat chemistry stuff. My courses are quite intense, but I managed to get out of the Stats course by doing an exam (not that this is a good thing, I LOVE STATS but with all my other courses it really helps out).

Well that’s about it for now, if anyone wants some info about McGill and if I can help in some way just email.

Take Care,

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002


Hi Cindy:

I'm glad to hear that all is going well at McGill.

As for me I've written two updates on my independent study course with Dr. Israelite that hopefully enlightens everyone as to what I'm doing.

Take care.


-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

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