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Hello everyone,

I have decided to post the summary of my summer online as requested by Paul. It does seem a good idea to let everyone know what I have been up to instead of writing Paul personally and then having him summarize the information for everyone else. I have not posted much on this site before, but was a TA in Paul's course in 98-99. Since then I have been in a Masters program on genetic diversity and population structure in a shorebird called the Red Knot. In addition I have spent a total of a year in the Republic of Panama where I have done various field jobs ... but most importantly met and married my husband! It has been an exciting few years.

I spent this summer in the city of Toronto working hard in my lab deep in the backrooms of the Royal Ontario Museum. I am hoping to defend my thesis in December and am very excited as I FINALLY have some results and the analysis has been quite interesting. My husband is here in the country with me (after a year long struggle with immigration to get him a visitor's visa). He will stay until November and then return to Panama. I will follow when I have defended my thesis. After that - who knows?? But the future seems wide and exciting. I am applying for PhD funding to study abroad (perhaps in the Netherlands where my husband does not need a visitor's visa!). If that falls through I imagine I will move to Panama, but again who knows?

Well that is enough rambling for one posting.

Cheers to all.

Debbie Buehler

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002


Debbie, it's great that you are continuing your chronicle series. The other readers of this forum won't know that over the last two years you sent the favoured few on your e-mail list a regular series of chronicles about your adventures in Panama (including, as you mention, meeting and marrying a Panamanian). And you continued a series of chronicles about your recent work in the Arctic.

Keep up the chronicling (and the work on your Master's degree).


-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

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