G'day from Down Under!

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Hello all!

I am a former TA (2000/2001) of Paul Herzberg's and I'm checking in to let you all know what I've been up to! It's nice to see so many familiar names on this site and I'm glad to read that you are all doing well!

I'm currently studying towards my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I absolutely love it down here...love the country, I mean, not the international fees! eeek! And James, like you, statistics is following me as well! I am now teaching a first year experimental psychology course in which I teach 5 QM (Quantitative Methods) sections. I think the students find it interesting when I pronounce things differently than they would! The program down here is absolutely fantastic and I'm learning heaps. I am currently on placement at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in the Anorexia Nervosa wing, as well as the Urology department.

Life has proved to be interesting down here. Unfortunately I have not had much time to travel, but that will come with time. I'm getting to spends lots of time with my birthmother, which was my original intent, so that has made me happy.

I must zoom to class. I wish you all the best and for those undergrad TA's who are aiming for grad studies, keep going for it. It may not be in Canada, but it may be out there in the big wonderful world! I have learned so much from living in a different country, and I consider myself CANADIAN now more than ever!


Take care, Lisa-Marie

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002



I showed your posting to my wife, Louise. She's delighted that you like her country!

It's great to read how you are involved in so many things. Give us an update from time to time. I'm sure your posting will stimulate others to contribute as well.


-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

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