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My name is Denis Tocci. I am currently the President of a not for profit foundation located in northeastern Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Leadership at Regent University in Virginia Beach. I have recently successfully defended my dissertation research proposal exploring the influence of a team leader/facilitator in using advanced communication technology to develop and maintain trust in a virtual team context. Past and present research demonstrates the critical nature of trust in all teams but especially in the low communication context of virtual teams.

At this time, I am seeking organizations who would like to participate in the study and benefit from the feedback. The organizations involvement would be to identify three virtual teams for participation, allow team members to complete a short survey and allow team leaders/facilitators to participate in a phone or electronic based interview. The time commitment for the survey will be about 20-30 minutes and about 1 hour for the interviews.

I have over 20 years experience in sales and marketing and have consulted on several international joint venture projects requiring strategic and tactical plan development and assistance in implementation. I have experience teaching business courses and teaming to undergraduates in the US as well as MBA students in Southeast Asia.

As an inducement, I would be happy to provide free consulting services (to be negotiated) on the topic of improving the effectiveness of your virtual teams. If you would like further information regarding participation please call me at (570) 586-3140 home, (570) 585-9401 office or via email at I will be happy to email you a summary copy of the proposal that would provide you with a general description of the study and requirements for participation.

Thank you for your interest and support. I look forward to having your organization participate in this study!

-- Denis Tocci (, September 08, 2002


hi, I am working in Oulu, Finland as a HR Consultant. One of my tasks is to search new ways for team development activities and plan trainings for managers and employees who work in virtual teams.

Your offer seems quite interesting and I am willing to hear more.

-- Riku Repo

-- Riku Repo (, March 13, 2003.

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