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I am planning to get a new camera since my EOS500 had a shutter leak a few days ago. Can't seem to decide between the F65 and Dynax5, need advice.

-- Ken (, September 06, 2002


You mean the N65. I am looking at that same model, may be going for the N80 though. Just a little more features to grow into as a photographer. I don't know much about the Dynaz5, but my local ritzcamera guy says Nikon's are the best. Check reviews and stuff, I have and the N65 is 99% good. Email me and tell me how you like it if you get it. Thanks.

-- Jeff Hicks (, September 19, 2002.


Though I agree that Nikon F 80 is a much better buy than F65 or Dynax 5.. I didnt know that earlier and bought the Dynax 5 at 750 SGD on Orchard Road, is that a good price or did I get duped. The camera is working fine.. its quite lightweight.


-- Nandan Kamat (, November 22, 2002.

Hey in US its N in Europe its F:-)

-- Buran (, January 06, 2003.

I got my dynax with 2 lens pack for SGD650 just a few wks ago. cheers

-- LemonLime (, January 16, 2003.

i'm having the same problem selecting either F(N)65 or F(N)80. Lots of articles have said that we need not spend too much on a camera body as the lens is the important element in getting a good picture... but i think i like the camera to be slightly heavier... i find it more stable to hold and confident that the camera won't break if you accidently drop it... pictures eventually turn out shaper handheld.

How much is the price difference in singapore between a 65 and 80??

-- Patrick (, January 16, 2003.

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