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Hey everyone,

so i'm Windsor starting out my MA in Clinical Psych. My first class (Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Psych) is actually today; I'll let you know how it went.

I arrived in Windsor Monday, and my parents stayed with me till Tues night, after that i was here, by myself, not really knowing what to do. I went to the university on Wed to pick up some info, fill in sheets, etc... The staff in the psych dept. is absolutely fantastic; they are so friendly! I met some students who were also starting their MA, however none in my program.

This semester I will be TA'ing for an 'intro to psych' course, and in the winter term i will be an RA (details to come later). I really dont know much at this point; but hopefully i'll meet some students today in my class who will be able to help me out (with things that need to be done).

I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing. Let us all know (i'm the rest of you are curious too, right???).

Take care for now Helen

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002

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