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Hi Nigel. Any gigs planned before year end?

-- Paul Woodhead (, August 20, 2002


Hello Paul, no gigs planned autumn 02 for very cohesive reasons....I will be touring in early Spring 2003 to feature mostly solo material from the first album from 1976, 'SHIP to SHORE' which is re-released late September, next month in fact. I have been very keen to find people I could work with to take the weight out of album distribution and after ups and downs and disappointments last year I finally found people I can work with and trust. The label is Kissing Spell Records and the album plus all the others will be available through the Mazlyn Jones Isle of Light of website online shop or by downloading an order form from there or by using the PO BOX 1,Polzeath, Cornwall,PL27 6YZ. Gis have been a low priority the last 2 years since the sudden death of one of my brothers at an early age. It coincidede with the launch of the last acoustic album 'Behind the Stone' and I was on the road gigging at that time. It wasnt easy and I decided to take a break from the road and get my derelict barn finished into a home. My brother's death and that of other friends and contemporaries on the acoustic circuit, made me realise I should finish all of the projects I had been running in parallel and get them finished one at a time. Hence sorting out the archive for the extra tracks for Ship to Shore re-release and finding it a decent distribution.At last thats done.'Planet for Sale' is also ready for release and discussions are ongoing with others about this. Probably go out in early 03. Meanwhile I have become a trustee of a charity see and busy with dialogue with government committee on toxicity about Camelford water poisoning. This too may come to a fruition/closure in 03. The barns will be finished by xmas so in the next 6 months I should be free to go back to full on gigging acoustic solo as well as playing with a whole bunch of friends doing loud versions of the Planet project at different venues to the acoustic work. Sounds like fun to me but also a long set of journeys also completed. As the song says...'on a singularly fine day the sun rose' and I do like to fit lots into a day! Hope that brings things up to date. Papa Echo Alpha Charley Echo. Nig/Maz/ey yo!

-- nigel mazlyn jones (, August 25, 2002.

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