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Working great with 98. Got new machine with W2K, can't use the software that came with card. Matrox says they won't have anything either. Is there anything that will capture my analog video.

-- Barrett Bush (, August 14, 2002


i can't capture from my tv capture device given along with frontech tv-tuner card. advice me with the names of the software which can fulfil my desire.

-- shameek baner (, December 19, 2002.


-- P{reacher (, July 19, 2003.

This works:

Not perfect, but at least you can use your tv. Capture is quirky. Not all features are are present.

Capture with: Use AV_IO TMPGE or VituralDub

I was very dispeased to see the bare bones driver windows XP provided. Thank goodness for this guy.

I'M about to try his latest vid tools. Maybe he got the capture thing working.

Hope this helps.

-- Bob (, October 05, 2003.

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