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-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002


Hello everyone! Great de-brief session yesterday..... Erin--we all know in our hearts you will return! You are in my thoughts and we will always know you are with us in spirit. Donna--I hope you find the e-mail list so Josh can start up a network for us! That would be awesome! Please post ideas--the Polar Committee really does take your comments seriously, so let us know what's on your mind...... I had a great week. Can't wait to start planning for Leader's 2003! Bye for now. Hope you all have a great rest of the summer..... --Mike

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2002

Hey guys! It took me long enough, but I thought I would say thanks to all for a fantastic time this year. I have to say it was not only exactly what I needed after a very long summer of work and school, but also one of my best years as a staffer at camparoo. I saw two of my young'uns at the Folk Festival(as well as ET and Fam, Andy Mead at a distance, and many other familiar faces) and bolted from my seat to say hello. I think that is a good sign. I'm still pushing through the very end of my English degree, I'll let you all know if I make it to graduation in December. After that, who knows, I'll share more when I know more. I have to plug the Festival again, it's my new favorite way to pass time. For anyone who did not make this year, plan on it next year in Bangor in August. It rules! More ass kicking music than you can swing a wiggler at! Check the Bangor Daily News to plan the bands you might like, backpacks work better than strollers for real young kids in the crowd and on the train tracks and dirt, and give yourself plenty of time. If you can't stand the lines for snacks, run into downtown for a bite, they can always use the business and it's only two minutes away. In fact, faster on foot than by car, and it's totally free going in and out! Okay, I'm done. I was so excited by the Folk Festival and Leaders inside of two weeks I just had to let it out. I hope to see you all next year, and as many as possible in between. The DTrain

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2002

Hey ! A posting ! Way to go Dylan !

The Folk Festival was unbelievably cool. I got to be a "handler" for the band "Beausoleil" - I spent three days hanging with them and picked up some Cajun culture and some great stories.

I'm wondering about the lack of postings - we had way more last year. This could mean a couple of things including: 1. that this year was so good that nobody had any suggestions or observations, or 2. I gave everyone defective instructions on how to get here. I hope it's the former...

If you're just stopping by, post something so we know you were here ! >

Should we repeat the Talent Show next year or move to something else ? Best wishes to all. Andy

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Now that Josh has provided a forum for e-mail contacts, I guess the "social" part of our postings has gone that route...however, if anyone has constructive comments for the Polar Committee to consider for next year's LS, I strongly urge you to post them HERE-- it is much easier to review everything here, since all the comments stay on this site for the year. My 2 cents.......

Ditto on the folk festival! It was H !! Green!

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Back again. I think you're right Mike about the email system Josh has for fun things, and even quick questions like ET's may get faster responses there. I like this system for laying out ideas and sillyness in different places and this posting place(what do you call this system again Andy?) for keeping ideas around long term. If the link here was sent to the group Yahoo address that might stir up some suggestions posted here. PS I saw MGron at Wynton Marsalis, what did you think? And Yay Beausoleil, I heard them again and Ralph Stanley on Prairie Home Companion this sunday in the car with volume on 35 and sub way up, the Volvo Wag(The Blue Nun, like the wine) was rocking.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

Hey kids, I was thinking about the parking and remembered what one of the veteran Jordan staffers told us about using the field to park in, so I wrote a quick message that might serve to help clarify some of finer points of Leaders School drop off for parents, and us I guess as well. This is it, any additions, subtractions, modifications, or suggestions are welcome. Young Leaders and parents, welcome to Leaders School! To help alleviate some of the pains of parking we’ve experienced in the past we have a few guidelines to make things easier to plan for. *Have your rain gear available for inspection* to ensure adequacy for your child’s safety and health, as *well as whatever shoes or boots you may be hiking in.* We will be parking vehicles on the ball field to help make for more room coming and going in and out of the parking lot and camp in general. Once you have parked, *bring your rain gear/boots to the lodge to be checked and medical information as well to be double checked with the medications themselves,* and of course sign in. After signing in, bring your vehicle down to unload gear at cabins and drop off young Leaders and that’s it! We’ll try to make this as easy as possible, but things usually turn out for the best if we all think positive, communicate, respect one another, and work together. The asterisks are there for emphasis of course, in the Word document I copied and pasted from the text is bold in those areas between asterisks. I know my mom and dad are constantly confused by everything that happens at camp, I imagine there may be others. I thought this might go out with a mailing near the start of Leaders to have it fresh in some of the more senioresque minds and reduce confusion. Not that there's anything wrong with seniority. Dylan

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

Big D: I'm glad you clarified that senioresque remark.......what was I saying?

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

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