Who is the devil really?

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Mr. Jackson, I'm not a well educated person finishing only the eight grade. I'm only a dumb old interstate truck driver who just happened to be raised as a jw and spilt the org like yourself. Should you have referred to your label chief exec this way, and why? it just seems to me your doing yourself more harm than good. From out here on the highways of america you're possibly being viewed as a person crying because you may not be able maintain the lifestyle to which you've grown acustom to. Please enlighten me as to why you cannot lower your living standard to that of a person in my neighborhood and live comfortable the rest of your life in a secure area. If I was to trade places with you suddenly, I would sell and move right back to where I live now. 4654 shadylane oscoda,MI 48750 only in a bigger house.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

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