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A little while ago I spent some time in New York with my Uncle. With so many sites and oppurtunities, I found myself itching to take snaps. However, in comparison to my Uncles Canon F1 (which he absolutely swears by!) my point and shoot olympus i2000 zoom, though fantastic for what it is, proved more than limiting!

I headed home, set on getting into photography 'properly', and dug out my dads old olympus om10 (with manual adaptor). Read up on it a bit in forums etc, several of which suggested it to be ideal for learning the basics of photography, with its manual focus, aperture priority, shutter speed control (with adaptor) all in simple mechanical twisty/turny buttons!

I'm now looking to upgrade. What next though? Enjoy the manual element involved with my om10. setting focus etc myself is half the beauty. How about the om4Ti? Or changing to another, bigger company with constantly developing lenses etc?

Kind of stuck for ideas!!! Help!!!

Cost is also a factor - anything I get will be second hand anyway, what with being a poor student!


-- matt (, July 21, 2002


Too bad that Olympus has stopped its Lens-changable SLR cameras. Thus, it may not be a good idea to choose Olympus. For 2nd hand cameras, Nikon is not bad due to its compatibility and continuity. You may find a F401 or F801 at Peninsula for resonable price.

-- Lian Kui (, July 29, 2002.

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