volunteer doula program in San Francisco?

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I'm working full time this year in San Francisco, CA with the Community Healthcorps branch of Americorps. I've volunteered as a doula for a year but have recently moved to San Francisco. I miss attending births with laboring women - does anyone know of any volunteer doula programs in the Bay Area (San Francisco, specifically)? I am not certified by an agency but was trained by the hospital I previously volunteered at. Any information on opportunities in the Bay Area would be great!

-- Monique Webster (moniquewebster@hotmail.com), July 21, 2002


San Francisco General has volunteer opportunities for doulas. Call 415- 206-8193


Ladi Dell'aira Massage Therapist and Birth Doula

-- Ladi Dell'aira (info@ladidell.com), August 26, 2002.

I am the Volunteer Doula Coordinator for U.C.S.F. Medical Center's Birth Doula program. We match volunteer birth doulas who have completed their doula training program with teen mothers and low- income women who are in need of professional birth support.

To sign up for our newsletter and be notified of volunteer doula opportunities, please go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/doulavolunteers/

Thank you to all of the birthing community who continue to support this program. Please pass this along to all birth doulas you know of who would be willing and available to volunteer every once in a while. Their support is very much appreciated.

Best wishes, Denise Hontiveros Volunteer Doula Coordinator, U.C.S.F. Medical Center denise@anewbeing.com http://www.anewbeing.com

-- Denise Hontiveros (denise@anewbeing.com), April 27, 2004.

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