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Thanks Will for your previous response. Either the N.Face standard or the SW Ridge it is. For a couple looking for the least expensive route to the peak (matatus or speed taxis to Naromoro or Nanyuki), what is the best way to get a ride to the trailheads of the Naromoro or the Sirimon tracks? Asante sana. Bob

-- Bob Eakle (, July 19, 2002



I'm probably not best qualified to answer this question as I've got my own vehicle and never have to use public transport. You're right Matatu or Speed taxi is the best to the towns. From there I think Naro Moru is a bit easier as you can take public transport part of the way the road to the park gate. After that you'll have to hire something privately. I know the land rovers that go the trail heads are pretty expensive. I saw last week two guys using a taxi to take them in. If the road is dry a saloon car can get pretty far up the road. Otherwise just add another days walk and aclimatise slowly.


-- Will (, July 31, 2002.

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