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SunBank entered details of our repossessed property on my credit file . I settled the shortfall with a much reduced offer. I have been trying tirelessly to have the record removed but to no avail. Has anybody out there managed to get their repossession records and linked address information removed from there credit file before the six years is up . I have challenged SunBank stating that there is no clause in the mortgage deed allowing this information to be given to third parties.

-- Phill Rose (, July 12, 2002


It took six months but the IC ordered Abbey National to change wrong information on my mates credit reference files. He had to make an assessment request and sent the IC all the details, copies of letters etc..

The other tack you could take is to send Sunbank and the credit reference agency a letter stating that; Any agreement with Sunbank to report your personal financial details is hereby cancelled. They will therefore cease reporting of your Sunbank financial details, as defined by European Data Protection Act and UK Data Protection Act laws.

Worth a try, my mate sent this letter to Equifax, MCL & Experian. Equifax & MCL immediatly complied and deleted all his Abbey National data. Experian refused and this is now being considered by the IC.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, July 14, 2002.

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