What can I do to get over sex abuse?

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I have spent years struggling with my brother's sexual abuse of me and my entire family, being my parents and two other brothers (I have 3 older brothers) refuse to help me and even believe me. In fact, they all don't want this to be "spoken" about so they have all formed and alliance of sorts and have branded me the "black sheep" that's doing and saying all of this for attention.

Well, needless to say, it hurts very much. I recognize that I need to move on in my life with out my family...I just don't know how to productively. I don't want to drown my sorrows in alcohol or other bad behavior...I need help and support...I need a new family...some friends in Atlanta, where I have relocated from Chicago...all to deal with this...it's so hard...I am so lost and in a tremendous amount of pain.


-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002


dear kelly , my heart gose out to you ,I want to remind you how strong you are. and how weak your family must be they dont know how to deal with this so they ignore it all together its a protecting tactic for themselfs. unfortunately they forgot they should be protecting you. I am very proud of you just on the bacis of you reching out for help and not wanting to smother yourself and making your self numb with drinking and drugs or even sex.YOU have been numb long enofe trying to deal with this and its your time to SHINE

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002


-- Anonymous, June 01, 2003

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