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Hi there! I'm a doula and I am developing a network of volunteer doulas for pregnant teens. It will be a searchable database where you can list your contact information. We also have a forum community there where teens go to ask questions to doulas and to talk to other teens and share with their pregnancy/birth experiences and talk about their babies. If you're interested in joining the volunteer network, please email me at

The website is


-- Tiffany (, July 10, 2002


Hi Tiffany. I am about to take the doula cert. course and am very interested in working with teens once I am finished. What part of the country are you working from? I am in Kelowna and would love to know more about what it is you are doing. Please give me more info if you get a chance. Thanks Linda

-- linda west (, September 09, 2002.

I am a trained Doula in Northern BC. I had a pregnant teen reffered to me last spring by our public health unit. It was a very rewarding experience for myself as a Doula as well as my client and her boyfriend. I did volunteer my services to the young couple and I would certainly do it again.

-- Mandy Hall (, January 16, 2003.

I tried to register on your website, but couldn't. I have taken my doula training and am looking to volunteer with teens. Please let me know when I can register at your website. Thanks!

-- Amy Cunningham (, January 17, 2003.

Hi, I am a doula/Midwifery student in Portland, Oregon, i really enjoy working with teens (was one myself) i am volunteering with a group called Doula Circle a non-profit providing teens with doulas. you can find the website and check it out. i would also be interested in knowing more of what you are doing. let me know when up and running. There is a great need. thanks...chenoa

-- chenoa hamilton (, January 31, 2003.

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