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Please can anyone with some experience of what the UCB Bank are like let me know how I can negotiate with them - they've found me after 6 years and I now just want to sort this out (seeing as they've found me I might as well). I don't want to give them lots of money, but could settle for a small lump sum. I am prepared to fight them to prove what they think I owe (it's a long story which I'm hapy to give to anyone who responds) but when do I start to negotiate if I'm syaing I don't owe them anything......

-- white_ankle_sox (, July 08, 2002


Information is power. Put them to strict proof of claim, serve a SARN on them and ask lots of questions. Once they get the message that you are not going to be intimidated then they will be more likely to settle for a reasonable sum. On the other hand you may be able to demolish a large part of their claim if part of it is MIG payout based and beyond six years from insurers payout. Follow the advice in the repossession section of the site and keep returning to the Q&A section to keep up with what is an evolving situation anyway.

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 09, 2002.

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