Hi Everybody

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Hi everyone,

Paul, I'm sorry for the delayed posting, but my summer has picked up pace since I got back from Europe.

Europe was a great experience... I went with my girlfriend Erin and we took a Contiki trip for the first part then went to Portugal on our own. If anyone was contemplating contiki, I suggest it if you are looking for a great vacation and not a European adventure. The tour was not restrictive at all, you have everyday and night to do what you want. The bonus is you meet alot of people and don't have to worry about accomodations and travel from place to place. This allows you to see so much more in a shorter time without the headaches so you can relax and really have a vacation.

Since I got back, I'm back to the grind of Compucentre, research at Mount Sinai, MCAT preparations,and like Mike I am also doing my thesis this summer (except mine is scheduled to be completed by July 26th) I would also like to thank Dana for stepping in last minute and helping me out by becoming one of my stimuli for my thesis.

Laura... I emailed you and you gave me a fake address haha.. not funny(email me)

Hope everyone is doing well speak to you soon Sam

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

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