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Cheating and dishonesty we have had in the world since the beginning. Is it just me or are things decaying morally at a more rapid state?

-- Denver doug (, June 25, 2002


Response to How much

I think things are definitely decaying at a more rapid state now. I think that there are several reasons why this is happening. One part is definitely the way our society and culture has affected out everyday lives. In today's society it seems like there is little emphasis on morality and the characteristics and traits that help create an honest society and culture. I think a big partcan be attributed to the media. We live in a five second attention span world, where if it is not flashy enough, expensive enough, and fast enough, we are not going to pay attention. The media portrays violence and sex so often in film, ommericals, on television, in music that we have become desensitized to it and in turn are helping our world become morally bankrupt at a faster place.

I could go off on a whole religious tangent explaining why I think this is happening, but I still believe that it is not nice to talk about religon in public!

-- Mary Carmen Chimato (, June 26, 2002.

Response to How much

After giving this one some thought, I decided it would be easier to answer it in an entry.

-- Becky (, June 28, 2002.

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