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Hey Mike D., thanks for the info on the Rhubarb question. One more question, can you fix me up with some Rhubarb crowns ? When the time is right of course. Do you eat it ? I like to peel off the skin, sprinkle on some salt and just eat it! I`ve never turned down a piece of Rhubarb pie either. Ha ha. Get back to me please. Thanks again, Lynn

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002


Hi Lynn & Judy,

I can sell you seed, and you can start growing your plants that way, but we don't sell live plant material as it is a whole other business with its own sets of laws to keep up with. Resources here are stretched doing what we do best . . . heirloom seeds :)

Also, you would not want plants that were selected in a Northern climate. This would surely set your experiment at southern gardening with Rhubarb up for failure.

It would be best to either find plants locally (like at an old homestead or farm) or start a lot of plants from seed (there is a lot of natural genetic variability in Rhubarb seeds) and select out the plants that do well in your area as well as meet the specific traits you are interested in.

If interested, seed and cultural information is available on our site at:



Mike D. Victory Seed Co.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2002

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