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Geez what a stinkin messageboard...

-- (, June 21, 2002


If you want to see a message board that stinks, go to

-- Carli (, June 21, 2002.

That's one thing I agree on. That place is a Hell pit.

-- Ally (, June 22, 2002.

nobody cares what you think Ally.

-- britt (, June 22, 2002.

And you are saying Ally is the only one being rude? Ladies, can everybody please please stop being jerks to everybody (not just to Heathbabay, but to everybody??

-- Katherine (, June 24, 2002.

I think that is my fault, Katherine. I started it off on a bad note w/ because I felt like Ally was not getting credit for her scans and such.

Anyway, I'm sorry for making a childish comment and getting everybody dragged into this.

We don't need another situation on our hands. I think we can all be more mature than that.

-- JJ aka Smooches on HB (, June 25, 2002.

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