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How does everybody like the colors of the site? We may change them in the in a couple of months. Any suggestions?

-- Carli (, June 20, 2002


I don't know, perhaps something that's not so obviously taken from Just a suggestion...

-- JJ aka Smooches on HB (, June 21, 2002.

Ok...we did not take our site from heathbaby! We have been working on this for months and have done it all ourselves. Yes, heathbaby has grey, but it's a different color grey and they don't have green either. I can't think of how many web sites I've been to that had grey... I guess the people there would like to flatter themselves to think that we stole our site from them, but we didn't! Our site is unique and we are proud of that. The fact that we're thinking of changing the colors just proves that we aren't trying to be heathbaby.

-- Carli (, June 21, 2002.

Hmmm,I worked hard on our site...and I think we did a good job. As for the site colors, They are Brownish gray and beige and green, while heathbaby has a light gray. I don't like HeathBaby,and I stole nothing from them...their site is ugly...almost as ugly as the head webmisses who runs it. blech.

-- britt (, June 21, 2002. old are you girls who run these sites? Trust me, will always be the #1 site...

-- Sandy Beach (, June 22, 2002.

I am 22 in a couple of weeks. I could care less who the #1 site is. Every other Heath site we have talked to has been very supportive and helpful. I used to think heathbaby was a very nice site, but now I think much less of it because of the behavior of it's webmistress. We should all be able to work together to make nice tributes to Heath. Not fight over stupid things because of...dare I say...jealousy.

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

The least you could do is do a better airbrushing/cropping job on the photos...just a little tip for you guys :b

-- Amanda from board (, June 22, 2002. know...maybe they shouldn't put their logo all over their photos when they don't own them.

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

I don't know where you get off calling our site ugly. Maybe you should tell that to Elisa, the creator. I guess beauty is in the eyes if the beholder. And as for my behavior - or 'ugliness' as you've put it, I have done nothing different than what many webmasters would do if they see their property, yes, property, taken from them without recognition. If you had merely said, "Hey, kool site, I've started my own, can I borrow a few pics?" then I would have said yes without hesitation. Most websites do ask, no matter who 'owns' these photos. If one has purchased the magazine, or book of pictures which I have, then that person is the owner. Maybe not on paper, or in law, but the owner by the standards of the honor code and certain Internet (Honor Code) Laws. If people from my site want to speak their mind, they bloody will, though they will stop if I ask them to. You can keep your little tribute to Heath, and we'll keep ours. I came to your site thinking it was another cute addition to the hoard that is Heath sites, but *your* actions changed my mind. I am jealous of nothing.

Bona Fortuna Tibi

-- Ally (, June 22, 2002.

I think a magazine company might take exception to your assumption that once you have scanned a picture out of their publication you consider it your property. Did it ever occur to you that we might have bought the same magazines? If what you're saing was true, millions of people (everyone who bought a magazine) would have the rights to the same photos. That's ridiculous.

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

And did it also occur to you that maybe we got our photos somewhere else? Like you said...there is a hoard of Heath sites out there. They all have most of the same pictures.

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

Um.. the photos are listed by which magazine they come from, so credit is given where credit is due.

-- Miranda from (, June 22, 2002.

When we know which magazine a photo came from we give them credit on our site too. We have gotten our images from many different places on the web, but no other sites have felt the need to be nasty about it like Heathbaby has. We used the Ned Kelly pics from the Heath Ledger Aussie Site, we did not realize that they were screen caps that they had made themselves. They e-mailed us and very nicely asked if we could give them credit for those pics since they had made them themselves. We gladly did so. But pictures that just came out of a magazine? No site has any more right to them than any other...whether they write their name on the picture or not.

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

taking scanned mag pix that you didn't scan is the same as stealing the mag from the store

-- TK (, June 22, 2002.

Oh would you people lighten up? We have purchased many of the magazines that Heath has appeared in. When possible, we note what magazine a photo came from. But if it's just a photo we found on the web we don't always know who to give the credit to. Why exactly are you attacking us anyway? The only people who seem to care about this are the people from Heathbaby. If you're going to go after every web site...even every Heath site that doesn't list the original source for every image on their site, you have A LOT of work ahead of you! The photos are up for people's enjoyment. We aren't hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. If you don't like our site and don't appreciate the work that we have put into it, then don't visit it!

-- Carli (, June 22, 2002.

Ally, Your Ugliness has basically nothing to do with your behavior,dear. You're ugly because you look like man. That's the short and short of it. And I know very fucking well that you used to send your little heathbabies to the board to bitch at that site too. I think you should stop bitching about other sites and just concentrate on the HTML of

-- britt (, June 22, 2002.

Hun, you don't know me, and obviously know nothing about me or Heathbaby or who designed it. I'm trying to move on. Goodbye.

-- Ally (, June 22, 2002.

i know that you're ugly and you act like a catty ........And we did not start this whole thing. YOU DID.

-- britt (, June 22, 2002.

it's easy enough to figure out who designed heathbaby as you posted it on your site...along with your own personal website. thanks for the laugh.

-- britt (, June 22, 2002.

Hey you guys, like ally said, if you just asked, she would have been happy to lend out. but also, since i'm not picking sides, i think that ally shouldn't freak out as much. but the bottom line is, NO WEBSITE WITH HEATH ON IT IS UGLY!!!!!! IF YOU CALL ANY WEBSITE WITH HEATH ON IT UGLY, UR DEAD. thank you me.

-- sum1 (, June 23, 2002.


Can we please, please, please stop the fighting? Look, while people may feel hurt on both sides, and I think both sides have reason to complain, it is absolutely no reason to make the attack personal (i.e. attacking how a person looks) or take it beyond the issues here, which are the pictures, and apparently, the colour of your site. Legally, if you scan something out of a mag, you need to attribute it to the mag and if possible, also the photographer. If you get something from another site, you need to say so, especially if they have gotten it from a magazine and failed to give proper credit and attribtution (if you don't you could be liable for any copy right infringements). Keep in mind, many, if not all, of the pics (even the ones from movies) are copyrighted in various ways, and if you don't give credit, you are in violation. So, to be safe, and cover your bum, you best ask permission and give credit (no matter the site).

Now, Ally might have been harsh here, as well as some of the other HBers. We (I am from HB) tend to be very, very protective because a lot of work goes into that site and getting the permission to use the pics, as I am sure you know from making your site. However, others from other sites have been just as catty or rude or protective or whatever you want to label it when they have come onto our site. I think the reaction is natural. When we/you see something we/you have done and it isn't credited, we/you get upset, because we/you have put our/your work into it. I am sure you understand this. At HB, we also get worried because we might have gotten exclusive permission to use something, and if others take it without permission, we can get into trouble (and in turn, we can, if it ever goes that far, sue you). If somebody gives one site permission to use something and other sites copy it without checking first, permission might be revoked. So, since we all want to enjoy as many Heath realted pics, and articles, as we can, please, please, in the future, everybody who might ever read this, cover your bum, and ask and then acknowledge. And if everybody does, we will all worship/adore/pick your adjective Heath Ledger together as one big happy group.

Katherine (Cordelia on Heathbaby)

-- katherine (, June 24, 2002.

Cheers for a mature way of putting into words how we have been feeling, Katherine. :)

-- JJ aka Smooches on HB (, June 25, 2002.

What the hell is this??? Nobody even comes to this board anymore because you shut down our site...REMEMBER???????????????? Get a freakin life you moron(s)!

-- Carli (, October 29, 2002.

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