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hmmm...not as much fun as hl.com...yet...

-- anne (kangaroo@loser.com), June 18, 2002


nice site

-- Crystal (crystalbowl2@mindspring.com), June 20, 2002.

Well anne...it just opened! hehe

-- Carli (Spunkrat@forpresident.com), June 20, 2002.

Hi, it is pretty good for a new site. I'll let Heath know about it, and maybe, just maybe, he'll help by posting or sumthing.

-- Jas (******@******.com), June 20, 2002.

it's better than hl.com-no arguing-yet!

-- sunny (sunny_sonny123@yahoo.com), June 20, 2002.

Thanks guys! It will only get better! :o)

-- Carli (Spunkrat@forpresident.com), June 20, 2002.

Heath was on the other night, and he liked this site, he said it was clean cut and looked very nice. He also asked that you all loosen up a bit, and not spend your lives talking, and going crazy about him.

-- jasteele@tampabay.rr.com (******@******.com), June 22, 2002.

That was me, ignore the email, it is one of my best friends. I was email her while I typed.

-- Jas (******@******.com), June 22, 2002.

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