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I would like any information that anyone might have on California Baking Co. I think it was in business in the 30's. I have a bread box from that was left outside of a store for early morning delivery. I would love to know it's history. Thanks Lorie

-- Lorie Moody (, June 17, 2002


The California Baking Co was at 1501 Eddy St from atleast 1923-1929.

It moved to 466 Shotwell in 1929.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, June 18, 2002.

just wondering if you ever found your answer? I'm looking for mother's bread also and want their sourdough bread. If you have a phone number would be great

-- jon capps (, September 26, 2002.

Mother's Cookie & Cake Company is at 810 81st Avenue, Oakland, Ca 94621 (510-569-2323).

I don't remember that they make a sourdough bread, though, or anything other than cookies and dessert products.

There are a lot of good sourdough breads available in California grocery stores. Gently squeeze the product -- if it's hard to squish, it's good. If it's soft, you might as well buy Wonderbread.

This place has a recipe for "Mom's Sourdough Starter:"

-- Rosa (, September 27, 2002.

I believe the California Bread Company morphed into the Boudin Bakery. Boudin, which was recently sold back to the original Bay Area family, also has a connection to Mother's - either they own them, or the company which just sold it owns Mothers. There was an article about all of this in the Chronicle business section last week.

-- q (, September 30, 2002.

I recently purchased some bread at Boneys in Oceanside made and delivered from the California Baking Co. 3916 Riley Street San Diego (619)291-1200. I tried to plug into them on the internet because I wanted to see if there were any closer stores to me to buy this bread. Its great! If your on weight watchers it a wonderful treat because the points are so low. Anyway, I hope the info helps.

-- Donna B (, April 16, 2003.

I worked at Mothers Cakes & Cookies FOR 36 years from (1967 to 2003) and we never made anything except COOKIES - hope that helps you, by the way the original owners were the Weatleys (Floyd was the son - he was the president when I was there, but his parents started the buiness) - started in 1914.

-- robert morehead jr. (, January 06, 2005.

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