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I am seriously toying with the idea of "upgrading" to the Pocket PC. It seems that the Palm OS is the "Mac OS" of the PDA World, where Microsoft is taking over. Can any Pocket PC owners convince me to change or Palm users convince me to stay?

-- Linda Ritch (lindaritch@earthlink.net), June 10, 2002


Linda, While I am not an avid handheld user, I do a lot of custom software development on handhelds. I have done some development on Palm and have been doing a lot of recent research for some future PocketPC development. From my research I find the PocketPC is capable of doing much more than a Palm handheld. I believe the PocketPC uses Intel Strong-Arm processors of 200+Mhz while Palm maxes out at 33Mhz. From a development standpoint, PocketPC allows for more flexibility in development environments and the creation of more complex applications in less time. To answer your question, in my opinion, if you use a Palm with "out of the box" software, and it does what you need it to do, I see no reason in "upgrading". If the Palm is not capable of doing what you wish, you are buying a first handheld, or you wish to develop custom software, I would recommend a PocketPC.

Jim Harding Harding Technologies

-- Jim Harding (jharding@bestweb.net), June 27, 2002.

It depends on lot of what you want to do with your palmtop. Palms have this 'less is more' ideology that actually works best if you don't feel the need for being albe to listen mp3's with your palmtop. basically the only differences are in the price and strength. Do the math your self..

-- Tim Ykovski (tmmit4@netscape.net), October 08, 2002.

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