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Hello? … Hello?

Gee, this must be one of those creepy old mansions full of hidden passages, unnerving family portraits and insecurely bolted trapdoors! Hey, I guess no one’s set foot in here since – what does it say under all that dust? – 1787? Wow! Bet this place is packed with locked chests, mysterious parchments and insignificant-looking dust-covered things that sell at Sotheby’s for $50,000,000!

What was that?

Aww, just a rat. Or a bat – or possibly a hideous shape-shifting blood-swilling undead ghoul, or – more than likely – the old guy who runs the fairground, dressed as a ghost, trying to scare away us meddling kids…

Even so – is there anyone there? Hello…?

-- Rex (, May 28, 2002

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