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If ACL and SAL became Seaboard Coast Line, then what is Seaboard Coast Line now? Is it CSX? Just curious; ended up on this web site by looking into the ACL 1504 information on the brochure from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) denoting the 1504 as a ASME Historic Landmark.

-- Mark Wood (, May 28, 2002


As an example employee TT dated April 28,1963 says. Wildwood departure Train # 7 12:15PM Train #107 12:20PM

Wildwood arrival Train # 8 5:00PM Train #108 12:15AM NO NB CONNECTION!

-- Joseph Oates (, June 01, 2002.

Actually, CSX adopted the NYC marks to let the Norfolk Southern people know: Not Your Car

-- Larry Brennan (, June 01, 2002.

Just a side note to Troy's comment. The reason why ex-Conrail equipment that CSX acquired is lettered for NYC is because, in essence the CSX took over all the former NYC lines of the Conrail merger. NS has the old Pennsy territory, not a bad compromise. If it was not for that, I think the split would still be unresolved. BTW some of the repainted equipment is still NYC due to the unexpired equipment goes on.

-- Walt Rogers (, May 31, 2002.

Geez oh petes guys.....give me a break. The thread WAS out of order because I was maintaining it. It's back the right way.

the old webmaster.

-- Buck Dean (, May 31, 2002.

I had noticed the same thing late last night on the Q&A about Wilmington Servicing. I noted that it reflected a most recent answer as being on 5/30/02 but when I went to look at Recent Answers, the 5/30 answer was not there at all. About 1 1/2 hrs later it showed up but was out of order. The 4/9 response was still listed last.

No complaints, just wondering and concerned.

Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, May 31, 2002.

why is this thread all out of order?

-- troy nolen (, May 31, 2002.

To answer troy and danny's questions,no the ML is not owned by SCL,it is leased from the ACL for 999 yrs,same as the former and current SAL ML,it too is leased from SAL for 999 yrs.The 1967 merger was a Public merger,but most of the assets of the two companies remained with there respective companys.

As far as the NYC reporting marks,that is something CSXT used to identify former Clown rail equipment.

-- V.L.Lewis (, May 29, 2002.

paper mergers confuse me

like why all conrail rolling stock that CSX got in the conrail merger is now "owned" by the new york central RR, which has not existed since 1968

-- troy nolen (, May 29, 2002.

Wouldn't that be SCL who now owns the main line? The SAL/ACL marriage was a true merger, wasn't it? Curious here.

-- Danny Harmon (, May 29, 2002.

Actually all of them still exsist on paper.CSX doesn't own the Main Line,the ACL still does,only CSX has a 999 yr lease on it and alot of other ACL & SAL lines as well.

-- V.L.Lewis (, May 28, 2002.

at least the brain trust up there in richmond didnt decide to paint them ORANGE..

BN-green + ATSF-red/silver or blue/yellow = ORANGE!!!

this still kills me to this day

-- troy nolen (, May 28, 2002.

Mark: To add to the recent post, SCL stayed Seaboard Coast Line when all the affilliated lines: L&N, Clinchfield, Georgia, Atlanta&West Point, and Western RAilway of Alabama, combined to form The Family Limes, which was a precursor to the formal merger. All equipment wore FLRS paint but was identified by each Reporting Marks. When the corporate entities merged into CSX Corporation, the FLRS became Seaboard System,the C&O,B&O,WM, etc becane Chessie System and another paint scheme was developed. Then shortly thereafter, (I guess even before the paint was dry), the railroad parts of the respective Corporations finally merged into CSX Transportation, Inc. Now you will see another paint scheme from the old Yellow nose, Blue base stripe and gray body, to A deep blue body color and gold nose and tail ends denoting a new rebirth (the paint is more durable and more fade resistant). I hope they can sit back awhile to get all the equipment repainted before another Executive decides to paint again. Still CSX...

-- Walt Rogers (, May 28, 2002.

Yes - SCL is now part of CSX. The SCL went through an identity crisis before deciding to call itself Seaboard. Seaboard and the Chessie system (C&O, B&O et al) merged to form CSX.

-- Bill Parks (, May 28, 2002.

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