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Does anyone have an opinion on the team role profiles Belbin and the MTR-i team roles model posit? Also, does anyone know if there is anything to back this up in the OD journals and textbooks? or is it OD du jour popular press stuff?

-- Ruth Kiner-Cola (, May 22, 2002


Iam cuurently doing masters research on team composition that is the effect of each member's personality on the effectiveness of team in dealing with workplace conflict.recently found Belbin's 9 team roles helpful because it is realistically based if you obeserve memebers in action however i also feel that you need to look at the flip side of the coin ie problem peolple i.e. negative traits that people display which is discussed very simply explained in BUILDING A GREAT TEAM : CHOOSING THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT ROLES By : Jay ,R 2000.publisher:prentice -hall -london. why? Belbin's description is of the ideal team required but we need to consider the obstacles each of our personalities impose on the team work. please if any body has any updated info that could be relayed to me regarding Belbin's work ,i would be most grateful. And if their is a website to Belbin Assosciates could i please be informed. thank you and good luck.

-- Dilshaad Shaik (, September 11, 2002.

Ruth, Belbin has identified nene team roles for the effective functioning of a tam. But that does not mean that evry team will have 9 members or each person would take up each of theses roles.. . I feel we have to understand their views at the same time when we build teams try to develop a person based on his type as to whether he would fit the role of shaper, resource allocator or a finisher. It is at this point that the typology in MTRi comes to our aid. . one can even try to find a correltion with MBTI. I think you should try to read on more into these two Myer's Brigg's type Indicator , and MTRi to get a further understanding. Beena

-- sajibeena (, October 09, 2002.

Hi Ruth You want to look at Malcolm higgs paper on the comparison of Belbin and MBT roles...

-- John Kenworthy (, October 23, 2002.

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