Piano player again

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Could we have some photographs of your excellent piano player up on the web? She is as beautiful as her playing after all.

-- (nepdb7@hotmail.com), May 22, 2002


Your right,and we will in the big revamp coming up this summer...we are slow as so many projects have been running together....see news letter may 2002 on web site....2 albums about to be released and new sound samples for web site....Ellen Harvey and others who play music with me will also be up on the site....but for now....onwards with the barn for another few weeks...thanks for the dialogue...Ellen will have her own album out one day too....she just has to decide what tracks of the dozens she has recorded are the ones she wants...but she too is busy with other life for a moment...please excuse the delays...and watch out for the autumn, nigel

-- nigel m.j. (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), May 27, 2002.

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