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Hi there,

I own the new Sony DSC-F707 digital camera and my Parents are visiting me in London via Singapore next week, and I hear that that Singapore was fairly cheap to purchase Memory Sticks / Memory Cards.

At the moment I can purcahse them here in the UK for approx $170 Singapore Dollars.

Whats the price like in Singapore? Where can I tell my parents to visit? (duty free shop, or shopping mall?)

I was also looking at getting the "VCLMHG07A 0.7X Hi-Grade Wide conv Lens". Are they cheaper in Singapore?

If theres some websites that i can browse, feel free to pass them on.

Thanks for any help you can give

Hamish Tunley

-- Hamish Tunley (, May 21, 2002


I know of one place that carries them at $150, but sony lists them for about $175.

-- anonymous (, July 04, 2002.

Forget Sony. Get Lexar Media. They actually manufactured the Memory Stick for Sony. You just pay more for the word "Sony" on the sticks. I've got myself 2 128Mb Lexar Media Memory Stick and have been using them on my F707 and clie.

-- James (, July 15, 2002.


Refer to: - -

To get to Sim Lim Square, refer to: - buildingname=sim+lim+square which is about 10mins stroll from Bugis MRT Station.

Do bargain for the cheapest price. There will be people distributing fliers in Sim Lim that states prices. Get them and find the best bargain.

Its a jungle out there. Happy hunting!


-- Vuego Serph (, September 22, 2002.

i can give you price for AU$150 for sandisk and AU$175 for me for other information.

-- david liman (, March 05, 2003.

I am selling Lexar Memory Stick 256MB for S$150 with delivery to your door step.New and in factory sealed package. If you collect from me, sell you S145 only.

-- Gordon (, August 05, 2003.

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