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I want to raise chickens for eggs, but because of where I live I was hoping to learn if there were any quiet chickens out there? Don't laugh, I am serious. :)

-- Mary Webb (, May 17, 2002


Hi Mary, I know you're serious and don't think your question is odd. I have New Hampshires as well as a whole lot of other breeds but the New Hampshire hens are quiet and calm. Now the roosters are another story! :) Most hens are prett quiet and unless the coop is right next to your neighbors house you shouldn't have too much problems. One suggestion is maybe ask the next door neighbors how they feel about you having a few hens- maybe offer an occasional dozen eggs for good will purposes. Now this would only work if you have fairly nice neighbors to start with so it's just a suggestion. Once the neighbors find out how tasty home grown eggs are they may decide to raise some too. I hope you get to have your hens & eggs. Blessings,KA

-- Kathy Aldridge (, May 17, 2002.

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